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National Golf Tournament


2019 National Golf Tournament

Hosted by Syracuse Turner’s, NY!

Dates July 10. 11, 12!

Stay tuned for Registration and hotel blocking information!

Any immediate questions, please contact our National Golf Coordinator, Chris Groger at



National Jr. Golf Tournament 

Stay turned for new Jr. Golf Tournament dates and rules!



Keystone Turners, IA hosted the 2018 National Golf Tournament.  See the Oct 2018 Turner Topics issue for Results! 


Any questions or concerns please contact:

Steve Spurgeon


Austin Danker




Entry Regulations:

  1. I hereby enter the names in events indicated and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the American Turners and the U.S.G.A. Violations will result in the loss of prizes and awards.
  2. Only National Turner Members in good standing in the National American Turners, local districts, and societies are permitted to participate in this tournament. At Large members may participate in the tournament however their scores cannot be used for a society’s score in a team event.
  3. Participants must be members of a society of the American Turners at least three months prior to the tournament. Membership card must be available for presentation at registration.
  4. Societies who do not permit members until age 21 are permitted to enter golf members(s) from age 18 by certification of the President of the society. The entry must state the age of the golfers(s) under this provision.
  5. Any applications received after the deadline of June 1, 2018, may be accepted by the host society only if there is space available and the application is accompanied by an additional $10.00 processing fee. All applicants sent to the host society must be filled out completely to the full entry fee accompanying the application.



Full name, Address, Phone, Email

Society name

Turner Card Number

Av. 18 hole score


18 – Men, Women, Senior Men


9 – Women, Senior Women, Super Senior Men







18 – M, W, Sr M


9 – W, Sr W, SS M





18 – M, W, Sr M


9 – W, Sr W, SS M





18 – M, W, Sr M


9 – W, Sr W, SS M





18 – M, W, Sr M


9 – W, Sr W, SS M





18 – M, W, Sr M


9 – W, Sr W, SS M