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As we transition into this new website, please keep in mind a few of the following:

  • Your membership may appear as "expired" even after you've paid your local society. 
    • That will not change until your society reports the membership to the National Office.
    • Your membership plan may change when your society updates.
  • Choose what type of event info you would like to receive when you register.  Only get what you ask for!
  • Use our new Digital National Cards!
  • Not all National Event Registrations will be usable or payable through our new site yet.
  • Our Societies will be setting up their new websites one at a time
    • Your Society will contact you when you can use their features like Online Renewals, Local Event registrations and buy Turner Swag
    • You will not be able to pay your Local or National dues online until after your society completes their set up.

Welcome to American Turners

"Sound Mind in a Sound Body"


American Turners is a "Family" of members all across the United States with a rich 180 year history that began with German Immigrants.  With 50 Societies in 11 Districts, you're likely to find a location close to you!  Each of our societies are unique and run by their own volunteer Board of Directors.  They offer a wide array of sports programs, cultural education classes and activities, family restaurants, watering holes, and much, much more!  

Join us for all of our National Events like our Festival (Turner Olympics), Gymnastics, Golf, Bowling, Softball, and Cultural competitions, just to name a few.  New programs are always getting started, so bring your ideas and motivation to your society and let's keep building our Family. 


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